This website, managed by the Royal Motor Club of Huy. sells tickets and offers related services for the 48th edition of the Rallye du Condroz-Huy. By visiting or using this site, you accept the conditions relating to the online sales policy of the Royal Motor Club de Huy, as set out below. If you do not agree to these terms, we ask that you do not visit or use this site.

These general conditions of sale are also applicable to orders made or confirmed by telephone, mail or e-mail.
The Royal Motor Club of Huy Cybernet reserves the right to modify the general conditions at any time. The changes are effective when they are posted on the site.


Unless otherwise indicated, the prices mentioned include VAT and taxes. All fixed costs and services payable by the purchaser are included in the price; the purchaser will be informed of this before placing an order.


– You confirm that you are at least 18 years old.
– Your order remains reserved in your name as long as the payment deadline mentioned on the confirmation is respected. Any reservation of tickets and / or e-tickets will only be final after receipt of payment of the amount due. You can only pay using a Maestro / bancontact type bank card.
– After receiving your order, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. This confirmation email contains a summary of the order recorded on a durable data medium. This email also contains a link to the conditions of sale.
– After paying for your tickets, you can request an invoice via this link. You will receive your invoice by email. If your company does not have a Belgian VAT number, please send an email with your contact details and the details of your reservation to
– The person or company making the payment is considered to be the principal; it guarantees the order, even if the invoice must be established and sent to a third party.
– the Royal Motor Club de Huy reserves the right not to honor a reservation if the means of payment used has given rise, in the past, to fraudulent transactions or if the completed personal data indicate fraud. In these cases, – the Royal Motor Club of Huy may recover the costs relating to the study of the fraudulent nature of the reservation as well as the damage actually suffered by the person who placed the order.

Payment and dispatch

– After registering your payment, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
– This confirmation will be necessary for you to come and collect your ticket at the place and at the time mentioned in your order.
– The customer is required to fill in a valid e-mail address and to check any e-mails from the Royal Motor Club de Huy retained by antispam filters. Otherwise, the customer cannot contact the Royal Motor Club de Huy or the credit card company for reimbursement.

Conservation and loss

– After delivery by the Royal Motor Club of Huy, the ticket holder is responsible for the valuable conservation of the tickets.
– Under no circumstances will replacement tickets be provided in the event of loss or alienation. Only bar codes that are illegible or difficult to read may give rise to the delivery of a duplicate to the first ticket holder to appear.


– Our products (tickets, accounts) remain at all times our exclusive property, both morally and materially. Consequently, any reprint or imitation, in any form, and by any means, is strictly prohibited.
– Unless the organizer agrees in writing, any commercial use of the name or logo of the event is strictly prohibited.
– Except with the written authorization of the organizer, any use of tickets for commercial or promotional purposes is prohibited.
– Tickets will always remain in the name of the person who originally ordered them. The name of the purchaser of the ticket cannot therefore be changed to that of a possible third party, not even in the event of (occasional) resale.
– The information on the tickets cannot be modified. Holders of modified tickets may be refused access.
– Only the first person presenting the original electronic ticket will have access to the event. Any second ticket presented will be considered a copy and will not allow access to the room or the event.
– The purchaser of the ticket must comply with the “Law on the resale of tickets for access to events” of July 30, 2013. Regular resale or even occasional resale at a price higher than the original price is prohibited. the Royal Motor Club de Huy reserves the right to invalidate resold tickets. Its holder may be refused access to the room or the event. Neither the initial purchaser nor a subsequent purchaser may claim any compensation in this context. the Royal Motor Club of Huy also reserves the right to refuse the sale of the ticket to customers supposed to buy the tickets for the simple purpose of reselling them.

Communication of tickets to third parties

– the Royal Motor Club of Huy considers itself bound by these general conditions only with regard to the registered commander and known by it of the tickets.

Changes or cancellations

– In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the provincial government has imposed additional conditions, namely the use of the Covid Safe Ticket, to guarantee access to the event. The refusal to comply with these measures will in no case constitute a reason for refunding your ticket.
– Changes to the program, dates and / or locations of the event, changes to the layout and / or availability of seats and cancellations of timed sections are the sole responsibility of the organizer. The Royal Motor Club de Huy acts only as an intermediary for the reservation of tickets and explicitly limits its possible liability to this area.
– Tickets will only be refunded or exchanged if the event is canceled and after instructions to this effect by the event organizer. Force majeure on the part of the ticket purchaser is not accepted as a reason for reimbursement.
– Tickets may be reimbursed only with regard to the orderer registered with the Royal Motor Club of Huy. For this purpose, the instructions provided by e-mail by the Royal Motor Club de Huy regarding the refund request must be followed. Refund requests made after the expiry of the period granted for this purpose, which amounts to at least 14 days, cannot be honored.

Limitation of liability

– The Royal Motor Club de Huy only acts as an intermediary in the sale of tickets. Its liability is moreover limited to that. The purchase contract is concluded between the customer and the organizer of the event.
Private life
– Please also read our provisions regarding privacy policy These are an integral part of our general conditions.

Terms of cancelation

– There is no right of revocation and, as a consumer, you do not have the right to withdraw from the purchase. Although article VI.47 of the Code of Economic Law provides, for distance selling, a period of 14 calendar days within which the consumer can renounce the purchase, this right of revocation is not applicable to contracts concluded. through this site, under article VI.53.12 ° of the Code of Economic Law.


– It is forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages, drugs, fireworks, weapons or other dangerous objects to this event. Such items must be returned. In case of refusal, access to the site will be refused, without any right to reimbursement.

Complaints or disputes

– Complaints can be reported to
– In the event of a dispute, only Belgian law is applicable.
– Any disputes will be presented to the Courts and Tribunals in Huy.